Levels of Participation


Partners are churches that share the vision and participate either through regular giving out of their missions budgets and/or through tangible goods on a regular schedule. Partners share the vision of the CJP, and participate in prayer support and are represented to the Jewish community for their participation.


Co-laborers are partners who not only share the vision and participate financially and/or through tangible giving, but also cast the vision of the CJP to others and volunteer along side us in our interactions with the Jewish community and outreach.


Donors are individuals or families who want to sow into the blessing of the Cleveland Joseph Project and bless our Jewish people here locally. Donors may volunteer with pastoral approval and are expected to support the CJP financially (separate from their tithes to their local church).

“Actions speak louder than words!”


We all give to missions in some way or another. And many congregations also give to local missions. Some churches even sponsor their own local missions and ministries to local needs.
However, how many are actually doing anything for the needs of local Jews? What % of your church’s missions goes to build bridges in the local Jewish community? Why not consider adding CJP to your budget?

What percentage of your church’s missions goes directly to Jewish needs?