Mutual Benefits

“a win, win, win for all!”

The Christian Community

There are many benefits to the Church by participating in the Cleveland Joseph Project. First, your church will fulfill a biblical mandate to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Second, your church will connect with its Jewish roots by connecting with Messianic Jewish believers. You will see the Olive Tree (Jew and Gentile believers) working actively together the way it is supposed to be! Third, Genesis 12 promises your church a blessing from God for being a blessing to His people.

The Jewish Community

The Jewish Community will be blessed by receiving much needed aid. But on top of that they will begin to see true Christian love from believers. Walls erected long ago will begin to come down in the city of Cleveland. God will also increasingly remove blinders off of our people’s eyes spiritually. Trust will be formed and more souls will be added to the Kingdom as never before.

Messianic Jews

Perceptions of Messianic Jews will change once both the Jewish and Christian communities begin to work together and cooperate. No longer will Christians misunderstand who and what we are; additionally, Jews will no longer see us as “monsters” trying to convert them away from Judaism. Our actions coupled with genuine love, will produce changes in the hearts of people in this city. The Kingdom will grow and the Messianic Jewish community will grow!