What’s In This For You

Churches are blessed by the Cleveland Joseph Project

Support the Cleveland Joseph Project

Churches receive the blessing of Genesis 12 by financially supporting the Cleveland Joseph Project

Teach the Church how to Pray

We will help your church lean how to pray for the needs of both the local Jewish community & Israel.

Partner with Messianic Jews

Actively participate in distributions and community relations. Volunteer with us and change lives.

There is a 3-tier strategy of the Cleveland Joseph Project to help your church: first, by sowing into this ministry your church will receive tremendous favor and blessing by being a blessing to God’s chosen people right here in Cleveland. Second, Jewish believers in our community will help your church learn how to intercede and pray for the Jewish people here and abroad (this is commanded in Scripture (Psalm 122:6). Third, your church members and leaders can volunteer along with us side by side representing the true “believers” in Cleveland by showing the love of Jesus, not just talking about it. See first hand how lives are changed!